{myDIY}: De'coupaque Mannequin

Months a go I saw this pretty decoupage head from Cynthia Banessa's IG and really fall in love with it. Well, I LOVE Cynthia's IG too. So colorful, full with pretty pictures of her crafting project. Totally an inspiration. 

I had a little chat with her about her decoupage head while wondering where can I find all the material she mentioned. I mean, I never saw a Styrofoam  wig head in my place. Most of the wig-head is whether from plastic or rattan. So the idea to create my on decoupage mannequin was faded away >.<

This is Cynthia's decoupage which inspired me
Last week I had insomnia (again) and wondering around the house. I do remember having  a mannequin with some scratches here and there. I used to put it on the shelf but since most of my friend's kid or my neighbor's kid who came to my house often get scared  (some even cried out loud), I just put it away.

So on that night, I grabbed that dusty mannequin and cleaned it up. Picked a fabric from my stashes box and just cut it into not-very small pieces. Mostly in triangle shape. Then I mix white glue (I use JUKU brand) with warm water, stir it well, and start to brush my mannequin with that mix glue and arrange those pieces. I use about 0.5 m of fabric to cover all over the mannequin. 
... and ....
My very own decoupage mannequin.

Will surely try it again. Soon. Since I still have 1 more mannequin around my storage.

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