My Yarn Resolutions (Hopefully)

Happy New Year!!!

I wish you all great year.


So.. I have some thing which I called as CRAFT RESOLUTIONS for this year. Here we go ...
  1. I will try my VERY BEST for not to buy a new yarn until I run out of yarn or AT LEAST until I emptied one of my stash basket. However, I will buy some yarn IF I need a specific yarn for certain project.
  2. I will try to learn at least one new stitch or technique this year. A crocodile stitch maybe. 
  3. Crochet at least one amigurumi.
  4. Learn (again) on how to knit and maybe knit something simple.

And that's my fellow crafter, my CRAFT Resolutions for 2016.

What about you? Do you have any resolutions??

Love ~CubbyKnot 

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