Beanie for PRABU

My ver 1st project in 2016.
Well.. actually it took me a year to crochet this one :D
I Started it at the end of 2015 and finished it last night.
So.. a year just to crochet this one. LOL

It's a beanie which ordered by my very good friend for her nephew.
When he was born, I crocheted him a set of Granny Jacket and Beanie with a choo-choo train aplique.
Bit to big for him at that time, but hey.. babies grow up fast, right?!

Few month a go, my best friend showed me  picture of her nephew, PRABU wearing my beanie for Jumuah Pray.

And she asked to crochet another beanie for PRABU. Special for him to wear on Jumuah Pray. 
I honestly kinda confuse in deciding what kind of applique should I placed. So I end up with crocheting his name in front of his beanie. 
I really hope that they will like it.

Fingers cross ^^

Love ~CubbyKnot

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