Tumbler Cover

Sept 17, 2015

When I arrived from work, my mom told me that one of her friend came over and wanna order a pouch for her kiddos' tumbler (from Tupperware). What makes it hard is that she's going to need it 1st thing in the morning for Manasik Haji at school. FYI, it was almost 10PM when I arrived home. 

I honestly have no idea what to crochet. I only know that those kids love PINK. So I just grab all pink and pinkish I have and try to create something. After a few trial, I finally end up with this.

So... I think the lesson was, When you feel stuck and have no idea what to crochet, just play with color. Let those color shines. What do you think?!

Love ~ CubbyKnot

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