Rinjani and Her Itty

Meet Rinjani.
You may call her Jani for short.
She's my best friend' niece.

Few month ago, her aunt ordered her one of my Hello Kitty ear-flap from me since Jani Loves it.
One day, Jani went with her parents,  and because of the hot weather (we had long dry season months ago)
she suddenly throw away her ear-flap.

She started to search for her ‘Itty’ earflap on the next day and keep asking for it. 
Luckily, she has a kind aunt who willing to order another earflap for her.
Please don’t throw it again this time, cutie pie.




  1. Lovely..even I love crochet. But nowadays not getting enough time :(

    1. Thank you. Yes, sparing time for crochet can be a challenge sometimes.


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